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Free Pregnancy Testing

Before you decide what to do about your unplanned pregnancy, you need to be sure you’re pregnant. Why come to Raffa Clinic rather than using an over-the-counter test? We use laboratory quality tests that are accurate 99% percent of the time. Plus, we’ll be there to help you process your test result and discuss what to do next.  We provide you a packet of information that will guide you in the steps you need to take in order to get the help you need not only from us but the community as well.

Choose to Know—Options Counseling

We feel it’s important to know your options when you’re pregnant. You need to be informed so that you can decide what’s best for you. During your pregnancy test appointment, our medical staff will provide you detailed information on all your options – parenting, adoption, and abortion. We will listen to your concerns and answer your questions.


While a pregnancy test can determine whether or not you are pregnant, an ultrasound can more accurately tell you how far along you are. We provide free limited ultrasounds between approximately 6 and 16 weeks of pregnancy (based on the last menstrual period). Ultrasounds are diagnostic, and serve to confirm pregnancy.  Our  Ultrasounds will make sure the baby is in the correct place (In Uterine), that it is a viable pregnancy (has a heartbeat) and will measure the exact age of your baby (Gestational Age)  Talk to your counselor during your pregnancy test appointment if you are interested in making an appointment for an ultrasound.

Hope Mentoring Program

You don’t have to be alone through your pregnancy. We have volunteers, Mentors, who want only to walk along side you during this time. During your initial appointment, your counselor can help you determine whether or not a  Hope mentor is right for you.  While attending sessions with your Hope Mentor you can earn Diapers, Wipes, Or $5.00 gift vouchers to a couple of local area clothing stores.

Earn While You Learn Classes

During your pregnancy and until your child reaches 36 months old, you can take part in our Earn While You Learn (EWYL) program. At each class, you’ll learn something vital to having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy child. You’ll earn Diapers, Wipes, or $5.00 Gift Vouchers to our Raffa Boutique for each class that you attend!

Baby Boutique

Once you’ve taken EWYL classes, you’ll have Baby Bucks to spend in our Baby Boutique. Here you can purchase items ranging from diapers and bottles to outfits. It’s your choice whether you spend on the little stuff or save up for something big.

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